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George Faccio

Passionate About Helping Audi Clients

George Faccio has worked for Biener Audi located at 795 Northern Blvd Great Neck N.Y.11021 as an Audi brand specialist since 2015. He was hired by Richard Pizzo (30+ year General manager of Biener Audi at the time). George recalls his interview with Mr. Pizzo & something that he said to George. He said "If you join our team at Biener Audi, you’ve just joined the Yankees". George was interested in working for Biener Audi because of their 90+ year history in the car business and is currently family owned and operated by grandson Andrew Weinstock. After his interview, George was hooked. George has sold approximately 2,000 new Audis in his tenure at Biener Audi and is looking forward to the next 2,000 Audis. More Importantly George says “He loves developing trusting relationships with his clients and knows it's crucial in the car business.”

George Faccio’s exceptional customer service, knowledge of the product and passion to help people has allowed him to stand out head and shoulders amongst the best. George is an Audi enthusiast and has personally owned several Audis from an A4 to a TT convertible, A5 convertible and his personal favorite a 2007 Audi S8 with a V10 engine! In 2007 George Faccio was hired by Paragon Honda to sell new and used Hondas. He had bought and sold cars in his spare time but his passion for cars led him into the car business. He learned things about the car business that people overlook; such as leasing vs. purchasing, the true cost of ownership and how interest is applied to a purchase vs. a lease.

In 1989 at 13 years old, he talked his parents into letting him buy his first car (A 1970 Nova) for $1,000.00, that he had saved up from mowing lawns and washing family members’ cars. He has personally owned over 100 cars from Chevy Impalas, Corvettes and Novas, to Jaguars, BMW's and of course Audis! George Faccio was born and raised in Queens, NY & has been passionate about cars for as long as he can remember. He remembers getting Matchbox and Hot Wheel cars as birthday and Christmas presents as a toddler.

The history of Biener Audi as told by Amelia Camurati.

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