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Audi Lease Buyout Guide

What is a Lease Buyout?

A lease buyout, sometimes referred to as a purchase option or the residual price which allows you to purchase your leased vehicle  at the end of the lease instead of turning it in, if your lease contract permits it.  Whether or not buying out a leased car is the right move depends on a lot of factors.

Is buying out my leased Audi worth it?

The lease end purchase price or  residual is set by the manufacturer at the time the vehicle is originally leased and is generally non-negotiable. Depending on how many miles, physical condition and market conditions the car may or may not be a "good buy".   

Is my Audi still under warranty if I move forward with the buyout option?

Depending on the manufacturer warranty options will vary. Audi offers all customers a 4 year or 50k mile factory warranty from the original date of purchase/lease. If you leased a vehicle for a 36 month term, you would still have 1 year of warranty remaining at no additional cost.

Can I purchase an additional warranty after the factory warranty is expired?

 In most cases, Yes, the manufacturer will offer an extended warranty at an additional cost. If your plans are to keep the vehicle  for 2 or 3 years it is advisable to purchase an extended warranty.  If the extended warranty is issued by the manufacturer then the warranty is generally transferrable and or refundable (at a pro-rated amount)

Pros of buying out your Audi lease
  • You’re love your Audi

  •  You’re happy with its performance and styling.

  • There have been little to no repairs since you’ve had the car.

  • There’s no other vehicle, at a similar price point.

  • You can get a good interest rate to finance the buyout price

  • You know the exact condition and history of the car as you’ve been driving it compared to buying a used car that you didn’t previously own.

  • You have positive equity in your Audi 

Cons of purchasing your Audi lease
  • The vehicle has depreciated quicker and is below market value and may not be worth the lease end purchase price.

  • The vehicle may have been in an accident or two & this may be a vehicle that you don't want to own long term because an accident will definitely bring the value down.

  • The vehicle is 3 years old, & may need tires, brakes and or other repairs due to wear & tare.

  • Where is Biener Audi Great Neck Located
    Biener Audi is located at 795 Northern Blvd, Great Neck, New York 11021
  • What is George Faccio's Schedule at Great Neck Biener Audi
    Monday: 10am - 7pm | Tuesday 9am - 6pm | Wednesday 10am - 7pm | Friday 9am - 6pm | Saturday 9am - 6pm
  • How long has George Faccio worked as a Brand Specialist for Biener Audi Great Neck
    George Faccio has been one of the top leading Brand Specialist at Biener Audi for over 7 years.
  • As a Great Neck Audi Brand Specialist what can George Faccio offer
    Working as a Brand Specialist for Biener Audi, George is an expert in assisting clients with the purchase or lease of a brand new Audi
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